29 August 2011

Lunch at the Bohol Bee Farm: Healthy Living at its Finest

First on our Bohol backpacking trip itinerary is the Bohol Bee Farm.
I have heard lots of good reviews on their organic but delicious menu so I thought of trying the food myself and giving my own review. To take a look at Bohol Bee Farm's menu, click here.

They served us their own organic Camote bread (on the house) right after getting our orders.  

The bread was delicious and filling. If I wasn't so hungry, the bread and a glass of water would have been enough for my lunch already.The bread was served with Mango and Pesto spread. I am not a fan of Pesto so I chose the Mango spread. The spread is creamy with bits of Mango, tastes just fine (not too sweet) and with the consistency expected of any fruity sandwich spread. I recommend the bread but I would say that the spread is quite ordinary -except for the fact that it is organic. A loaf of Camote bread costs P180, while 300g of the Mango or Pesto spread costs P250 each.

For the main dish, we ordered Grilled Marlin and Honey Glazed Chicken. Each dish is served with organic red rice, broiled camote and organic garden salad.

The fish was big, tender, savory and cooked just right. The fresh dill leaves scattered all over the fish must have done their part because the flavors have really come out. The organic salad (with the farm's very own honey mustard dressing) tastes just fine. Some flowers tasted bitter so I did not finish the salad. It was interesting though, because they included the Cosmos flower in the salad. (I used to just play with that flower when I was a kid. I never knew it was edible.) The organic red rice tasted the same as the rice my mom cooks at home. The Grilled Marlin costs P240.

The chicken, just like the fish, was also tender and savory. I'm satisfied with the serving size as well. Although the parts are quite small, they served three pieces in one meal (two legs and a wing). The chicken must have been marinated long enough because the flavors have extended up to the inner parts of the chicken's meat. The Honey Glazed Chicken costs P220.
Dao, Dauis,
Panglao Island, Bohol
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How to get there (from Tagbilaran airport):
a. for the flush traveler
If you have enough dough to spend, why not ride a metered taxi and worry about nothing else? :)
b. for the adventure seeker
Ride a habal-habal (local term for a motor bike) and pay about P200-400 depending on your haggling skills.
c. for the budget-conscious backpacker
Ride a tricycle to Tawala waiting area (P10) + take a jeep to Dao (P15) + hire a habal-habal to Bohol Bee Farm (P20-P50). Take note that jeeps pass by the Tawala waiting area only every hour. This means you have to wait for the next jeep if the first one that passes by is already full. If you are not in the mood to wait, this is not a good option at all.
d. for the Farm guest
Free airport/seaport transfers are available only for those who will be staying at the Bohol Bee Farm.

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